"Browse" to select local file when making links?

When invoking Edit > Link… to make a link to a local file in an editor document, it would be nice if there were an option (a button and/or keyboard command – Command-O comes to mind) to open a standard browse window to navigate the hard-drive, in addition to drag and drop, or typing in the file path. I know this can be done when adding external references in the document references pane; I would like to do something similar when adding links to text in the main document. Thanks.

Have you tried dropping the file straight into the text editor? This will create a link for you, using the path of the file as the link text, which can be easily edited.

Right, I’m trying to avoid leaving Scrivener and rummaging around in the Finder. It seems awkward to have to do that, especially since I always have Scrivener and my Finder windows maximized, so that both applications are never visible at the same time. (I do make use of a very handy Finder feature, though, to make this sort of drag and drop between applications easier: I click and begin to drag the file in the Finder, and then, while still holding down the mouse button, Command-Tab back to Scrivener, and drop the file. This avoids a lot of opening and closing of windows, or moving them back and forth out of the way.)

Oh I see what you mean, yes, certainly. Another way is Exposé for switching around amongst applications while dragging stuff between them, but Cmd-Tab is faster when switching back and forth between two programs. I tend to locate files via a search utility (LaunchBar) that lets me quickly isolate and then drag straight out of the search result into a target application. That works nice because it opens no extra windows, and the search results are always at the top-middle of the screen, which tuck out of the way as soon as I’m done dragging.

Hi Keith,

I, too, would love Love LOVE this! It would be hugely helpful :slight_smile:

Many thanks for a fantastic program! Keep up the great work!