Brrrr Its Cold Y'all.

Yeah I know many users live in areas where 12 feet of snow is the norm and they only close schools or work if it is cold enough for oil to freeze. I also know in these common places they throw hot water into the air and it comes down as ice, they laugh, then get on their snow mobiles and head off to work after they have climbed out of their second story window since the first story is buried under snow.

I know. I know.

But here in North Carolina we got 5-6 inches of snow Yesterday and let me tell you that amount of snow hasn’t been seen in a loooong time.

What is worse is most of the people here do NOT know anything about driving on snow or ice.

Brrrr. It is cold. My Truck door was frozen this morning and I had to climb in from the back seat. Windshield Wipers of course were frozen to the windshield and my nose was cold.

Feel for me.

Y’see, to me you’re just showing off. I WANT SOME SNOW. I love snow. We don’t get enough of it. So feel free to send some our way.

In the Principality of Stockport, we quite often have five inches of hoar frost, or is it whore frost? :open_mouth:
Anyway, feel for y`self!

5-6"? That was just mild flurries. Seriously.

As to exporting snow… tell me where to send it.

And while we are on this topic, it sure is hard to believe† in global warming when you need to use your ice scraper on the INSIDE of your windshield.

†[size=75]If you think you need to prove to me that global warming exists, please RE-READ the three preceding words. While it may be hard to believe due to evidence left in miscellaneous threads on this forum, I am, in fact, [b]not[/i] an idiot. Got it?[/size]

To gloat, a photograph that I took over Christmas break:

There is a reason the first medal an Australian won at the Winter Olympics was when the other four skaters fell over.

I have only seen snow thick enough to stay on the ground once. They get some in the mountains, apparently, because people go skiing there, but I think most of that is frozen excrement.

ugh its melting. Its melting!

And Jaysen if you shrug off 5-6 inches of snow as just a flurry I am calling you OUT!

You have resided in the NORTH too long!

I shall bathe your sin in SHINE and let the fire consume you and bring you back to the days of 98 degrees and 100% humidity while you ponder if you still retain the skill to “drive by braile” on back country roads in the dead of night!

(Note for you Northeners or residents of far away places: Driving by braile is turning off your headlights and riding with your left tire on the center lane. You listen for the bumps of the reflectors. If you are good you can go for miles. If you mess up you gota call a friend to pull you out of a ditch.)


Where I’m from, we call that drivin’ drunk.


Wock you aint doin’ it right bubba. First you are using roads with pavement. I prefer roads with simple ruts in the grass. Even better is a ol’ loggin’ or minin’ path that goes over yonder into the next valley. And why are you using the truck with LIGHTS? Even better question, where did you find one?

And up here we get to drive by braille evry time it snow ‘cause no one slows down and you can’t see in a blizard. Several inches an hour (most so fer this year is 6) going 55 miles an hours, you aint seein’ anything until you hit it. And considering it snows every day we are still pretty dam’ good at it.

And Mr. 16, we folks do it up here AND down south fully loaded, with additional loadin’ ready for pain medication. We know it is driven drunk, the sherif keep yellin’ about it when he’s sober, but we forget cause the shine gets to talkin’ and we can’t think over the racket. The folks down south, they got no real 'cuse for their behavour 'cause it is so warn, but up here we need the shine ‘cuase it is human anti-freeze. you ever have to shovel 2 feet of snow when the the thermometer was lookin’ up at the 0? A ‘merican thermometer, not one o’ them crazy non-'merican ones that says it is 0 and the water aint froze over. I tell you, y’all gots to have you some anti-freeze in your veins to do that.

Sometimes the blue may stop ya and see your beer in the front seat. He would then kindly suggest you put that on ice or it ain’t ever gettin cold.

Sounds to me Jaysen that your driven by braile in a blizzard is what we call truck sleddin around these parts. Best vehicles though have those fancy hand brakes instead the old parking brake no one can find the release to in time…

And speaking of those resort thermometers ( you know where it says 0 and water still runs). I never understood those. When it says zero like Jaysen says you better load up on anti freeze and never stick your tongue to the side of your truck to lick pretty snow of the bumper or your in for some funnin from all your kin.

32 is cold. 0 is eskimo. I don’t care what those fancy thing a ma bobs tell ya. It could be 110 degrees in the shade and one of those fancy gizmos will say its only 43 c. Talk bout misleading folks.

Hell look at their speed o meters.

If I am doing only 80 mph their same speed is around 128 kph. Talk about a resort speed o meter. Balling out at buck oh five over there is like driving Miss Daisy while tac ing out at a buck oh five here is like NASCAR. Vroom Vroom

Lucky you – we only got an inch or two here in New Bern :cry:

But it sure was pretty for a day :slight_smile:


Gee, Wock! A couple more months of this, and you’d be prepared to live in Cleveland! :mrgreen: But still, pass the 'shine, will ya? We’ve had colder-than-usual temps for the last several weeks, and it’s getting to the point that 5-6 inches of snow is sounding more and more like a light flurry. In other words, it’s weather that will drive a person to drink–just to stay warm! :astonished:

(I’m editing this because I just checked our weather forecast. We’re in for 5-9 inches of snow tomorrow night. AGAIN! :imp: Here we go again. Another “winter storm warning.” :cry: )

Temperature for today: 38 degrees (that’s 100.4 for you Fahrenheit people).

Prediction for the next four days: 41, 40, 40, 40 (105.8, 104, 104, 104).

Did I mention I am taking a few days off work to head for the beach?

Headline in ‘The Bunyip’, last week:
Do take care Mr Matt

As tired as I am of the cold and the snow, I can’t say I’d want to be anyplace that’s as sweltering as Matt’s neck of the woods. It gives me new perspective on it all.

Amber, forgive me for being dilatory in complimenting you. That’s a great shot! Ansel Adams would approve! :smiley:

Well thank you! The light was just there, I held something up in front of it. :wink:

Oh… my… God. Our winter storm began last night, and is only getting worse! We already have at least 6 inches of new snow, and here in Akron, we’ve also had a couple hours of freezing rain sandwiched between bands of heavy snow. Driving’s so dangerous that the county sheriff declared a “snow emergency.” I’m not stupid; I’m telecommuting today!

Pass the 'shine, please, Wock?

Here ya go. Good ol fashioned de-icer, de-freezer, substitute fuel source in yer truck in case ya run outa gas, and of course the old reliable personal anti-freeze for the innards.

The only problem there is that I would have to be roaring flat-out wasted to even come within ten inches of that Frighteningly Foul plastic cap! :smiley: