Bucket List Builder

My idea for this would be, when creating a new book, that one can start by building a Mac / Windows folder tree.

The first folder would be the name of the book, and each folder after that would be a chapter, heading, sub heading, paragraph and so on. One may call one folder ‘Chapter 1’ and then follow that with a control code in the folder name to show it is a chapter. In that folder one may have images, text files and so on. This folder tree would follow the same outline like in the binder. So after the first book folder, one may have a dozen chapter folders and so on, each one with all the assets one wants in that section. To make things even better, a number system in the folder file names could be used to organize the assets in order, or maybe one could have one folder containing all the assets, and then have them start with a date time code so they can be placed on a timeline. IE ‘20050101-2342 Aric is born.’

When someone wants to start a new book, they would select bucket builder (or what ever name) and then the program will scan all the folders and place them in the binder with all assets related to that folder and section in the binder. I would also have an option to rebuild the bucket list should one have added new assets or changed the folder tree structure.

The File -> Import -> Files command will import entire directories into a Scrivener project.


I never tried this before until now. I like the concept of being able to load a full folder structure, but it seems that non of the assets in each folder is available within Scrivener, only the research folder, then when I went to link Images from a specific folder it does not point to that specific folder. Strangely though, when the file is saved it saves everything from those folders even though no linked to.

This could be a cool option with:

  1. Option to refresh the folder tree so when new items are added they update.
  2. When linking to images or whatever, to automatically open that folder relevant to the binder tree.
  3. Show images for that specific folder instead of all images being in one research folder. (I have thousands of images in my book. Searching through one list is not ideal.)

This is similar to what I mentioned, but in the folder structure only.

It’s not possible to import non-text files into the Manuscript folder. Those files can only go into the Research folder, by design. However, you can import entire folder trees, and doing so will preserve their hierarchy.

You seem to be conflating the “link” and “import” functions. An imported item resides inside the Scrivener project, and has no further connection to any external files. A linked item continues to reside outside the project, and can be updated by whatever tools created it. See Chapter 9 in the Scrivener (3) manual for more information.