It would be great to see where in the world other Scrivener users lived.

Buddymap does this:



Looks very nice, but I wasn’t able to add myself to the map. Maybe I’m living in a town too small for the searchengine …?


My Lord Lightning,

Greetings, Sire.
If my Human, Vic, were of sounder mind, than he is at the moment, he would probably say:
" Wot? We already know where most of em live! Portland!! The mapll look like a bunch of grapes, over Oregon" :open_mouth:
Take Care My Lord, [size=85]purrr…purrr[/size]

I think you need to link directly to a map:


Ok Everybody,

I’ve created the map at the previous adress: http://www.buddymapping.com/maps/litandlat

Let’s see if the Lit & Lat/Scrivener people fill every region of the world.

Magnus in
(not actually Lund but that’s the closest the map would accept)

Even then, successfully adding yourself to a map appears to be a crapshoot.

I was going to suggest Frappr instead, but they appear to have changed their model since I last used it, and frankly it all looks rather rubbish now.

OK, managed to add myself. It seems to be pictures that cause problems; too large and the server just rejected my “add yourself” entirely. Can’t see anyone else on there yet, though…?!

Well, I’m on there now … I think … and no, it won’t show my picture. It came up with a warning in characters so large I could only see about half a word. So I don’t know what the warning was. Antony is there in Skipton, with no image; Mange doesn’t appear and the search doesn’t work for me.

I’m using OmniWeb, so I’m perfectly prepared to believe that this is javascript heavy and that’s a problem, but Opera doesn’t seem to do any better.


I’m on Safari. So perhaps this is one of those “only really works in Firefox” pages…

[EDIT TO ADD: and it seems that any picture, of any size, will give you that error. Hmmm, more QA needed before rollout, me thinks…]

Strange! i can only see myself and no one else.
Maybe you guys added yourself on the default(?) map and not the litandlat map?

Thanks curiousshade

Worked for me on Omniweb and on Camino using your link - buddymapping.com/maps/litandlat/

Maybe Keith could link this to the board index - maybe (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more)

No, I’m definitly on the L&L map, as is Mark and now I can see LL, too. Are you sure you didn’t put yourself on the default map by mistake? :wink:

Hi Antony,

Nope, but curoiusshade specified an url that didn’t seem to exist so I went in and made a map at that adress and then put myself on it. I turned up with a picture and everything. Then the other posts mentioned their locations and I went back and saw them but not me and true enough - now I’m gone. And now I can’t open the url at all. Seems to be ridden with bugs or something. I’ll give it another try in a minute or two.


Being the one who created the map at the address buddymapping.com/maps/litandlat/, I get e-mails when someone adds himself.

Thus far: Antony, Mark and Lord Lightning have appeared.

I should point out that this service seems to be horribly slow and bug-ridden. Half the time, the pages don’t even load.

As Antony said, Frappr used to be good but it seems to have gone downhill.

Ah well, it was a good idea.

Ok, I finally made it, but the buddymapping server doesn’t seem that reliable. The login account I created to make the map is gone. Go figure.

But on the other hand - it’s very cool seeing where everybody is located. Ahh, the wonders of internet!


Hi curiousshade,

After your first post about the map I went there, didn’t find it, created one at the same adress, put myself up on the map and now as I said it’s gone. Maybe I was too close to your first attempt (the one I didn’t find/see). Anyway, a few of us are up there now, but as you said - very bugridden.


alas I see only two of us…

Good idea if only more left dots…

Harrumph! Two of us were on there first (Antony and I), and we seem to have been removed! Perhaps on this system only two people are allowed to be represented at a time … or maybe it’s because we were right dots and Wock wants left dots. :smiling_imp:


I think we can conclude that buddymap is not worth the effort, and give it up as the best of a bad job.

I’ll drink to that!