Budgie Smuggling

So, there is a bathing suit I want to buy for this summer. They are Brazilian square cuts from an Australian company, Croota.

My hubby is rather scandalized at the idea of wearing anything so… revealing. I personally cannot cotten to the idea of wearing what feels like pants (board shorts) in the water.

What is the current consensus on budgie smugglers? :mrgreen:


For a female fashion has many options when it comes to swimwear. What it truly comes down to is what ever you are comfortable wearing or what laws may be enforced.

(Example. A thong bikini is a rather popular option for women now a days but in the State of South Carolina on some beaches it is illegal to wear one. If you wear one on a beach where it is forbidden (and there ususally are not any signs warning you) beach patrol may ride up and force you to wrap a blanket around you and ask you leave, pay a fine or take you to jail. (This includes male thongs as well). Places have different rules regarding what styles can be worn or how much of a person can be “exposed”. Some places around the world are topless, some are full nude, and some are rather prudish so always check with the local laws governing swimsuit attire.

As to a man wearing a bannana hammock (yikes) it usually comes off as rather scary.

Men are simple. Most men just wear swim trunks. Fat guys with hairy backs usually wear speedos or “bikini” trunks.

To quote a famous song “I’m Mr. Tighty Whitey and I am smuggling plums”.

So simple rule of thumb. Less is usually best with women, standard trunks are usually best for men.

If you can pull off a revealing swimsuit legally I say go for it. Rock it full tilt. Your hubby will come to either love it or will never want to leave the room. :slight_smile:

Ok, but I don’t have a beer gut and I am sans fur coat. :wink:

I work part time as a fitness coach. I’m in very decent shape.

Then go as small as the law will allow. If you have it, show it.

:confused: :open_mouth: SHOW WOT!!!

Wouldn’t you like to know, cheeky devil, you! 8)

Mere d`Lucifer!!!
Who said that!?
What ees thees, 'Le Budgie’? :open_mouth:
Le D :imp:

yer supposd ter say



Budgies schmudgies!!! Amongst the RED LION`s intelligentsia, the expression is, “Is tharra ferret in tha pants lad!! Eh!!?”

er… ferrets are very smart and have sharp teeth…

Yup!! Paris Hilton has one :open_mouth: thesuperficial.com/2006/07/1 … s_her.html

Ferret legging video:

youtube.com/watch?gl=US&feat … PQ6TuvqX7w

dunno if I would call that a ferret. More like a rabid racoon

Nahh!!! Thats Hilton!!! :open_mouth: The cute little furry animal is the ferret :slight_smile: tch!tch! wot y like? jeeezz!