Bug ( Note's title is removed

Note’s real title is removed because of automatic title generation.

Way to reproduce a bug:

  1. In Options/General change “Save after period of inactivity” to something like 5 seconds.
  2. Copy some text. It actually does matter what kind of text you use. The best way is to copy some text from inside the gmail message written in the html.
  3. Create new Note (Ctrl-N)
  4. Quickly go to text area and paste the text.
  5. Quickly go to title area (where it should read “Untitled”) and write something (“fasdfasd”). Leave the cursor there.
  6. Wait some seconds.
  7. See how the title text you just wrote disappeared because of the automatic title generator.

This obviously shouldn’t happen. Generating a title if the cursor is already there, but nothing is written - this can be debated. But the title generator definitely shouldn’t work, if user did any change (added or deleted even one character).

Yes, you are correct.

I made the same observations a while ago. I received no reply about the problem.

BTW This same problem existed in earlier versions too.


Thanks, both of you; this is on the bug list. Sorry to have missed replying to the previous thread on the issue!