Bug beta, start panel open when closing and opening scrivener, despite option checked

It started yesterday (even if I use scrivener every day), when I closed it, the start panel opened (the one with templates on it, see screenshot). So now, to close scrivener, I have one more step to do: closing the start panel. Since then, this panel also shows when I open scrivener, instead of directly opening my last project.

The panel I am talking about:

This is despite the options that I did not touch in the last few days.

The only thing I did (I am not sure if it was the day before yesterday or the day before that) was changing some “Appearance” options. I changed to the maximum the “status stamp” and “label tint” opacity (under corkboard). I also changed the color of “status stamp” (under colors).

The only other thing I did that I never did before, was using the “bloc-note” (It’s in french, I am not sure was it is called in english, maybe “notepad”). Then I sent it to project by saving it under the file “notes de projets” (french for project notes). This is when I realized that, under this “notes de projets” file, scrivener had already saved my project notes in one document. I was looking for those project notes, because I could not access them anymore from the inspector.

I hope those info can help you find the problem.

I am using beta 29, 64-bit, windows 10.

Try unchecking “Show start panel when there are no projects open”. With that option turned off it should open straight to your most recent project and close Scrivener completely when you close out of all projects.

Thanks. Of course, it works when I uncheck that option. That is not the problem. It’s still a bug, because I want the start panel to show when I have no project open. The problem is that this panel shows even if I have a project opened when I quit scrivener. When, in fact, it is suppose to show only if I have no project opened.

This is a case of how you close/exit Scrivener. Using those options selected (as shown in the previous post) if you “close” Scrivener by using the X in the upper right corner, then you are actually closing the project.x-close.png
If however, you use the File->Exit method, you are exiting out of Scrivener with an open project. This will indeed open the project the next time you start Scrivener without showing the opening splash screen.

So, not a bug.

Alright, it works with the exit method, but can you explain to me why I have been using the X for many months with the beta now and everytime I was opening scrivener, it started with my project (like it did with scrivener 1,9)? So, without the start panel…

Also, why this started november 20th, when the 29 beta update was a few days before, considering I close and open Scrivener every day? So, suddenly, Scrivener considers the X to close the project, when it never did before?

Anyway, if it’s not a bug, that is OK with me. I was just saying, doing my beta user job by telling the problems when I see it. But maybe this just happens on my computer