Bug - can't change index card label indicator to pin

As per the heading - in Options/Appearance/Index cards, the label indicator is stuck on ‘corner mark’. It won’t change to ‘pin’, although it worked fine in version

Not seeing this. FWIW, it should show immediately by clicking the “Apply” button. Make sure you are viewing the Corkboard.

Nope, it definitely doesn’t work for me. As my screenshots showed, I was in corkboard mode and yes, I clicked ‘apply’. I can change the corners between rounded and square, but I can’t change ‘corner mark’ to ‘pin’. The ‘apply’ button doesn’t respond.

There is no such thing as ‘corner mark’ to ‘pin’.
It’s the ‘Label Indicator’, as shown on the screenshot above, that can be set as ‘Pin’.

As per the heading to my post, I know it’s called ‘label indicator’, My screenshots show the label indicator is currently set to ‘corner mark’, and that’s what doesn’t change to ‘pin’. The ‘apply’ button doesn’t respond.

The Index card in your screen shot doesn’t have a label, does it? It shows that it is set to Pin and that there is no label to pin.

I can’t reproduce the problem cited above by the OP. I can get all four combinations of the two parameters Corner and Label Indicator.

However, the use of the name “Corner Mark” for a label indicator condition is itself an error since the label is indicated by a coloured stripe down the LHS of the Index card.

And that is where the issue lies, I think. If the toggle (F9) “Label Color Along Edges” is turned off, you will not see either the corner mark or pin for a label. I don’t remember if that toggle is on or off by default. If the OP can try turning on the toggle, we can verify that things are working correctly. And yes, the “Corner Mark” is a misnomer.