[Bug: hiDPI] copy/pasting a list into a new document locks document into list style

Windows: Win 10 Home 64-bit 10.0.19041
Scrivener beta: hiDPI

The bug: Copying a list from one document and pasting into another applies the list style to entire document, and also locks the document in a bugged list style which can not be changed or undone.

Can be recreated with every list style. Bug does not seem to occur on the first copy/paste into a new document, but always on the second. Bug exists in both an existing project as well as fresh blank project.


In one editor, I have a document with a bit of text with a bullet list style applied. I wish to select this list, copy it, navigate to second editor with a different document, and paste it.

pic #1: Example 1 is the original list, example 2 is the document I wish to paste a copy of the list.

pic #2: Pasting the list into example 2 applies the list style to entire document.

pic #3: Hitting return four times to exit bullet list and return to a paragraph style results in a bullet that is actually outside of the original list style. Backspace does not delete it. Furthermore, hitting return a fifth time does not create a new paragraph, nor does it not create a new bullet. I can not go past this line without filling it with text, and the list style persists regardless.

pic #4: Hitting tab from here creates an indented bullet, and you can continue for further-indented bullets, but again you can not go past this line without filling it with text, and the list style persists.

pic #5: Highlighting the entire document and picking the ‘none’ list style removes the original list style from example 1, but applies the bugged bullet instead. Also to note: the bullet list style reamins selected in the drop down menu despite choosing and applying ‘none’.

pic #6: Selecting all the text and deleting it still leaves behind bugged bullet. Changing list styles has no effect. Hitting return or backspace has no effect. I can’t seem to work around it or be rid of it.

Thanks for your hard work!