[Bug][43] Short Story Compile Outputs Strange Symbols


Started this Short Story project on a Scrivener 3 beta and upgraded it through a few of the betas (not sure which I started with) but I’m now on Beta 43. Compile had worked fine in the past, but now on 43 I’m getting chunks like this:

What’s strange is that some scenes come out fine while others look like the above. The page number header on all pages also comes out as a series of symbols and garbled letters. I’ve also noticed that the scenes that compile fine aren’t in the correct font (I’m using the Courier Short Story output).

Any ideas?

Try removing the Courier Prime TTF fonts from the Scrivener “font” installation subfolder.

No effect unfortunately. Even tried moving all the font files out of there, restarting, and compiling to a fresh file.

Been doing some fiddling. When I set an explicit style on text (I made one called Prose that displays the way I like in the editor) it comes out the other side of the compilation legibly, but not converted into the compile style (Calibri instead of Courier). It also doesn’t layout correctly around page endings.

Text that has “No Style” set in the editor comes out in garbled form.

(It won’t let me attach another image but just imagine more of the nonsense linked in the first post)

I’m guessing there’s something going wrong here with the conversion from the stored style in the document to the destination style in the compile format.


  1. Downgraded to Beta 42. Same results. (Couldn’t go back further as the old versions are date-locked)
  2. Created a brand new short story project and got the same results.