Bug Applying Status to Multiple Texts[NOTED]

In the corkboard view, it is possible to group-select multiple texts, either by control-clicking on them or by drawing a box around them. Once multiple texts are selected, I thought I could apply a status to the whole selected group, however the status only applied to the first item in the selection. Is this a bug?

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate, 1GB RAM.
V.: Scrivener Beta 1.55

I can’t duplicate this - If I select multiple corkboard items by either click 'n drag or ctrl-click then right-click → change status, they all change. I know this is obvious, but are you sure that they’re all selected, each card should each have a blue outline.

Vista Home Premium, beta 1.55

I had this problem, too, and just to be sure, I opened up Scrivener just now and tried it, and yes, there were blue outlines around my notecards, but only one card had a status or label change.

Yes, right-click changes the whole group. Changing Status/Label with the Status/Label sidebar, however, only does one.