BUG B41: tabs in ruler are offset from where you set them

I’m blissfully moving along, and I notice that where I had a center tab set was NOT where the text was centered.
So I figured, well, we’ll just move it a little…

Grabbed a couple of lines, placed a center tab at 3", and it slid itself to 2".
Set the tab to 2.72" and the tab showed up at 1.72".

If you reposition any tab by sliding it along the ruler, that tab will offset itself from where you release it – an inch or more to the left. Slid the thing from 2" to 4", it reposition to 2.66". Not sure why. Slide a tab from 5" to 5", it repositions to 3.3" or so. Simply click the tab, it repositions itself.

Pretty sure this one’s a bug.

Yes, this is a bug, and a fix will be available in the next Beta 42 update.