[Bug] Backup Not Opening

I’ve backed up a project, renamed it (yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm) and then emailed it to myself to open on my partner’s computer. When unzipped (via Window’s unzip facility) I tried to open the file but it comes up with the error message attached.

File can be sent, privately, if required.

Both computers run the latest version of Scrivener 0.23
My computer: Win 7
Partner’s computer: Vista

I opened the .scriv folder to get to my work and all of the rtf files show as 0kb and don’t have any characters in them.

Hi Kenny,

This is a known bug with backing up to zip from within Scrivener, and Lee’s working on fixing it for the next beta. In the meanwhile, just make an uncompressed backup and then zip it via Windows Explorer to send to the other computer.