[BUG] Backup on close doesn't work

I have automatic backups and ‘Back up on project close’ checked on, but ‘Back up on project open’ not checked.

I chose a different backup location than the default. The folder is on my solid state internal drive.

If I do a manual File/Back Up/Back Up Now, Scrivener creates a backup file where I specified. No problem.

If I simply close the project, Scrivener does not create a backup file.

I tried to replicate your problem. I’ve got a similar situation. All backups to internal backup folder. then other backups go to external drives and off-site.
My backups are Zipped.

Test 1. Open project and close it with file exit. No backup
test 2. Open project write a sentence and close with file/exit - backup made
Test 3. Open project and delete the previously made sentence - used X to exit: Backup made.
Test 4. Open project and close it without changes used x to exit: backup not made.

So, for me and zipped backups, backups are made if the file was changed, but not made if the file isn’t changed, which is best practice as far as I’m concerned. I’ve go 10 backups, no need to waste them if nothing changed.

Are you doing something different?

I can’t seem to get one no matter what I do. Only a manual back up creates a file.

I’ve tried a number of different ways, and it always backs up so long as I make a change to something within the project and then close. Even if I tell it to back up (File->Back Up->Back Up Now), and then close the project with no further changes, the backup on close function creates a new (now redundant) backup.

Maybe try writing out what you’re doing step-by-step, from opening Scrivener (how do you do that… File->Open in Scrivener, or going to the .scrivx file and double-clicking…), to modifying a file, to how you close it, and any other actions you take.

I often start with a fresh copy of the tutorial project, so that I can get specific, “Open the tutorial via the Project Templates window’s Open Recent button, click on “START HERE” in the binder, delete the “S Scrivener” image at the top, click on the X in the upper right of the window to close it… check the backup folder–no new backup created.”

Another thought; Check out the Project->Project Settings->Backup setting.

… wait…
Do you have that section of Project Settings? I just checked on my copy of Scrivener, expecting to see the “Exclude from automatic backups setting” was un-checked… except that section of Project Settings is missing.

Have they implemented that in previous betas? I thought they had… :neutral_face:

Yes, this should be available in Beta 14. In the Project Settings Window there should be a section entitled ‘Backup’ at the very bottom that includes those options. Do they not appear in your program?

It doesn’t appear in my copy (Version: Beta (476684) 64-bit - 20 Feb 2019). I have the following Project Settings:

  1. Section Types
  2. Label List
  3. Status List
  4. Custom Metadata
  5. Formatting
  6. Auto-Complete List
  7. Special Folders

For at least the last two updates, I’ve allowed Scrivener to download and launch the installer itself, rather than going to the download link directly. At some point today, I’ll uninstall and then download & reinstall, since that’s obviously a glitch in my setup.

If you haven’t uninstalled yet, try this first. Under File > Options > Backup, make sure the box labelled “Turn on automatic Backups” is checked. If not, check it and look at Project Settings again. I believe if automatic backups are turned off completely that they are removed from Project Settings

Ah ha! I guess I was distracted, and thought I was setting that in the Project settings instead of globally for Scrivener. I hadn’t realized that the section could disappear due to a global setting.


To my original suggestion, make sure that under Project->Settings that you don’t have automatic backups turned off… or that you didn’t do what I did. :unamused:

Are you still experiencing this issue skeptic23? Or has it been resolved?

Sorry I’ve been so slow. I’m in a nice writing flow so I’ve neglected by beta test duties, lol. I keep running into problems but I GOTTA WRITE while the juices are flowing!

I had no clue about the project settings. Indeed, I had my project excluded from automatic backups. So now I know.

It would be SWEET if the backup part of File/Options would show a warning if you go in and turn automatic backups on that the current project is set to be excluded.

Everyone expects an Options or Settings panel, but they kinda assume that’s where they’ll find ALL the settings or at least some lead to all the rest.

How about a “Project” tab on the File/Options panel?