[Bug] Beta 14 - F3 hotkey not working

When using Global Find, or Find within a document, F3 does not execute Find Next, nor does Shift F3 execute Find Previous.

This could be a hotkey conflict on my computer, but I have investigated that possibility and that does not appear to be the issue.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Scrivener Beta 64-bit

There is currently a known bug where next/previous do not work when the find/replace window is closed. With the window open, both F3 and Shift-F3 are working correctly for me.

Do you get the same behaviour? Is this the same bug?

(Also note that there is another known bug where “Previous” will not correctly move while the highlighted term is still flashing, feel free to ignore that for this)

Thank you for your help with this!

I’m seeing that F3 and Shift F3 doe not work when the find/replace window is closed. But I’m also seeing that if I type a search word into the find/replace window and press F3 (instead of clicking the Find button) nothing happens. Enter or clicking the find button starts the search, but I was in the habit of hitting F3 or Shift F3 to start the search, so it seemed to be a bug. Maybe it’s working as intended in this case.

F3 and Shift F3 do not work for me at all. They do not start a search. They do not find next or previous. Nothing happens at all. Find/replace window open or closed, doesn’t matter. Beta 15, though.

The Next and Previous buttons work in the find dialog box, but F3/Shift F3 do not work at all. And there’s another strange behavior with find, and I suspect it’s a bug, but separate report.

Wasn’t working in beta 14, still not working in beta 15

This has been fixed for Beta 16. Are any of you still experiencing problems with F3/ShiftF3?

Works in Beta 16.