[Bug] Beta 17. Possible memory leak in compile

In Beta 17 I compile a project to ePub, and, according to Task Manager, Scrivener’s memory usage goes up to almost 2GB, and stays there until I close the project. This project is about 16K words and contains dozens of photos, some linked and some embedded. I’ve tested several times on this project, even after a reboot of Windows 7, and I get the same behavior every time. I compiled another project to ePub - over 80K words but no images, and did not see any excessive memory usage.

I have compiled both these projects many times to ePub with previous Beta releases and had no problems.

I just tested compiling to ePub on a 40K word document without images.
In my case, Scrivener’s memory use didn’t go up at all.

Compiled a document, and my RAM usage didn’t really change. Before the compile it was at 1758MB. After, it was around 1766MB. Note, I’m also running chrome at the same time, and that’s a gigantic memory hog. I let Scrivener sit open awhile and it’s hovering around 1755 (for Scrivener + chrome + xfce + whatever other daemon is going on.)

ETA: comparing numbers, Scrivener uses about 300MB of RAM, give or take.

@SteveCarterFrogstory: It is not impossible to have a memory leak, but it is most likely something specific to the project and its contents. If you provide a demo project with a handful of documents, which you suspect cause a memory leak, we might be able to verify this.

I tried to create a small demo project, by deleting some of the images from the big project. After cutting out about half the large images, I tried a compile, and the memory usage was cut just about in half. So I think this “memory leak” is probably a result of the large images I have in the project. I’m going to continue working on the big project, replacing the large images with links to smaller images, and I’m sure that will fix my problem.