Bug Beta 18: Keyboard navigation Alt+Shift+Up for Previous Document doesn't work

Hi - The Navigate menu version of Go To Previous Document works properly, but the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+Up does not. If we hold down Alt and Shift and try each of the four arrow keys, we’ll see the expected navigation on three of them but stasis on Alt+Shift+Up.

Cheers - Jerome
Version: Beta (594259) 64-bit - 18 Jun 2019

HI JJSlote,

I’m not able to replicate this. Both Previous and Next Document work using either left or right ALT key on my surface Pro keyboard. Have you tried replicating this with another keyboard?

Yep, sorry, it was indeed my keyboard, which also swallows that key combo in Notepad++. The other keyboard recognizes it in both programs. No bug.

Thanks Bryan

Rgds --Jerome

Given what I’ve been able to learn of this command (as well as Next Document) I have to ask: Should these commands not be named Document Above and Document Below?

The reason I ask is I tend to jump around a bit in my binder. Then, when I want to go back the last document I’d been viewing or editing (which is probably not immediately above it in the binder) Navigate>Go To>Previous Document always lets me down.

Is there a command to actually go to the previous document (AKA the last viewed/edited document), a la the web browser’s back button?

So far the best alternative I’ve come up with (should I remember to do so) is to—before I leave a document I’m going to want to come back to—open that document in a Quick Reference window.

Then I can, after jumping around, come back to the QR window, do a Reveal in Binder, and then click on that document in the binder to bring it back into the editor—or simply skip most of that and continue working in the QR window, which is often (but not always) convenient enough with my monitor setup. (It’d be more convenient if the QR windows allowed viewing both the notes and synopsis at the same time, as sometimes I need to see them as well.)

Click the Left Arrow icon in the editor titlebar for the previous document loaded in the editor view.

I knew I really should’ve emphasized the word [size=150]command[/size] (I hate taking my hands off the keyboard.)

But given the number of users you have to interact with, I don’t expect you folks to remember that I’m that guy. (But I am.)

Though I really wouldn’t complain if Scrivener did have keyboard commands that do the same thing as those buttons, if you get my drift.

It does. Ctrl+] or Ctrl+[

It does. Ctrl+] or Ctrl+[
Annnnddddd…—as promised—here I am, not complaining. :smiley:

Thanks, Jestar. This is perfect!

Annnnddddd…—as promised—here I am, not complaining. :smiley:

Thanks, Jestar. This is perfect!
And what is even better, it is one of the many shortcuts that works across all of the shortcut themes.

Scrivener for Windows 3 HiDPI RC16
Version Beta (1183694) 64-bit - 27 Jan 2021
running on Windows 10 Home

Okay, new question.

When I select Navigate>Go To>, the submenu that pops up begins with some general navigation choices (previous & next doc, enclosing group, editor selection), then ALL my bookmarks, then—finally—links to my various top-level folders and documents.

(BTW, the manual doesn’t mention “editor selection”, unless it’s the same as “Navigate>Go To>Selection” (in which case, the manual doesn’t match the code yet.) And, after reading about that I’m still not sure what it does, but that’s not my question at the moment, though if someone cares to illuminate me I’d be fine with that.)

My question is: are there any plans to make Bookmarks a submenu of the Go To submenu? If not, could there be? Once one has bookmarked a number of documents, the Go To submenu gets rather large.

Also not my question, but it does pop up :laughing: in my mind at the moment: could we maybe get Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] given actual names (perhaps Previous Viewed Document and Next Viewed Document and add them to that initial section general navigation choices at the top of the Navigate>Go To> submenu? Just a thought!