BUG: Binder out-of-sync with edit window on launch

Level: Cosmetic, Annoying

I have noticed a change in the Binder behavior since the first setting up sync with Dropbox for iOS intergration with v2.8 (26295)

On launch, the Binder is not pointing to the current open location in the edit window. It began after the first time I re-opened Scrivener to an active project that has been touched by iOS and synced.

I’m not talking about the Binder window changing to yellow and showing a list of the locations that were synced from a mobile version, after closing that, out it still does points to the wrong location.

My workflow:
After updating a project on my iPad, and syncing the updates via Dropbox, I return home, and fire up Scrivener on my MacMini and it syncs with Dropbox and loads my active project.

The edit window is on the scene I most recently edited. The binder window is not. It has a scene highlighted that does not match the edit panel.

NOTE: On launch the highlighted location in the Binder is mid-screen, I have scrolled the Binder to be able to point to where the open Edit Window is located in the Binder.

While annoying, it is not a show stopping because I can quickly find the right place in the binder, but might cause confusion when you think your adding new content in a place its not, as I have seen this behavior point to locations without text and the default ‘untitled’.

On further review, the Binder is indeed pointed at the correct location (clicking the Add button puts a untitled scene it where it should be based on the Edit window) but simply has highlighted the wrong location in the tree.

This occurs on both my MacMini (OSX 10.10.5) and my MacBookPro (OSX 10.11 Latest El Cap),


This isn’t really a bug. The document you edited on iOS is loaded into the editor, but the binder selection is not updated. This is because selection and expansion states work quite differently between platforms. It’s entirely legitimate for the selection of the binder not to match what is in the editor on Scrivener. If you ever want to force the binder to select what is currently in the editor, make sure the focus is in the editor and hit Opt-Cmd-R (View > Reveal in Binder).

If you add a new document while the focus is in the editor, the document will be created after the document in the editor, which is why the document is created in the expected place, by the way.

Although this is not a bug, I can however see that it would be nice to have the document you last edited in iOS selected in the binder, so I will add that to the list for a future update.

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks Keith, glad to see the magic under the veil there.