BUG: Bullets break if you add them more than once on a page

Windows beta version - 64 bit

How to reproduce bug:

  • Create some bullets on a page.
  • Complete the bulleted list and create a paragraph or even just insert some blank lines.
  • Try to create ANOTHER bulleted list further down the page.

Now unless my machine is an anomaly, there are wonky bullets all over the page that you cannot remove AT ALL.

I’ve lost a number of pages due to this and it seems you need to create an entirely NEW page and either re type what you had or copy to another program to strip the formatting. This causes you to lose any revisions you wanted to keep in the previous page in order to clear the unwanted bullets.

Hi Anaboliq,

I was not able to reproduce this. Does this occur for you in every project, or only in a specific one? Could you please send a small project showing the error to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com with a link to this post? Thank you.