Bug: Can't drag to move documents or folders in Binder


  1. Single-click on folder in the binder.
  2. Hold to drag/move folder.

Expected Outcome:

  1. Blue horizontal line appears between folders to designate new folder location.
  2. Folder moves to desired location.

Actual Outcome:

  1. Blue line flashes for less than one second immediately above the clicked-on folder.
  2. pop-up text says, "Move to: . Pop-up text freezes for several seconds.
  3. Blue line disappears
  4. Folder will not move anywhere.

Bug can be replicated in both new files and files created on Scriv3 for Mac.
Restarting Scrivener has no effect.
Same bug observed for moving documents as well as folders.
Folders/documents can still be moved with Ctrl + arrow function.

Hello! I wasn’t able to replicate this just using the steps you posted. Are you getting this behaviour in all new projects? Or does this only occur in particular ones?