Bug? "Center the editor when using fixed width" is not working correctly?

I recently (like today) tried using a fixed-width editor, in Page View, at 926 pixels (Use Current). I checked the box for “Center the editor when using fixed width” and restarted Scrivener.

When the current project loaded, it did not load centered. It opens with the document page edge flush left (pushing part of the page out of view). Zoom is at 175% (which is perhaps the cause, but there’s enough room to position both margin guides in the editor pane. However, at this zoom level, you cannot see all the margins in the editor).

I can center it manually, but every time I navigate back to the document, it’s shifted page edge flush left again. If I reduce zoom to 150%, it seems to do better.

Expected behavior was that it would center the page in the editor, and ignore the page edge.

Could you post a screenshot to illustrate what you are describing?