BUG: Character delete on multiple TAB

I’m seeing an issue where tabbing to move over content ends up consuming the first letter of the content on each tab press.

Example, from 0 through 3 tabs:

Bovidae (Cows, Bison, Etc.) Bovidae Cows, Bison, Etc.) Bovidae ows, Bison, Etc.) Bovidae ws, Bison, Etc.)

This appears to only take place when the cursor is rightmost against the content to be pushed.

Check to see if you accidentally have “overtype” mode on. What you report would be the expected behavior during overtype mode. You can deal with overtype mode via Tools>Options>Editor>“Use the insert key to control overtype mode”. When that option is checked, the insert key toggles whether one is in overtype mode.

That does replicate the behavior seen. This is not a setting I’ve ever touched, but the behavior is in line with what I expect from normal Insert key behavior. For now I’m happy to consider it solved, thank you.

The devs have stated that they will be reverting overtype/insert mode back to default to insert in following betas, so while you need to worry about this toggle while running B25, once another beta comes out, you should be able to have Scrivener in Insert mode by default (per normal) and still have the toggle between modes using the INS key, without having to shut off the behavior entirely with the “Use the insert key to control overtype mode” switch.