Bug: Comment colors not being saved

Summary: Open Scrivener, last document opened will open, change the color (I know, you prefer “colour”) of one or more comments, Quit, Open Scrivener. Color will revert to the previous value.

I have not tried explicitly saving, but I believe that it also is not saving comment color
Screen shot 2010-10-28 at 10.16.20 .png
Screen shot 2010-10-28 at 10.15.52 .png
Screen shot 2010-10-28 at 10.15.31 .png

It appears that if you change the text then the color is saved. So perhaps changing the color is not changing a “file modified” bit.

I can’t reproduce this - can you provide more details / specific steps to reproduce?


It is happening every time I open the file. I make a change to the colors (or rolled-up/open status of the comments), and the changes are (usually) not saved. They are never saved unless I make another change to the document other than just the color status, and even then not always.

I wonder if my Scrivener project is corrupt? Or if somehow my backup setting (which I didn’t use in 1.5) is interfering? I’ll screw around with settings and try with a virgin file to see if I can find out more. I can send you my .scriv file, which is 11+ MB if necessary. But let me know if you have any ideas and I’ll try them out (maybe not till next week, tho).

I can’t get this to reproduce in a new project. I’ve tried creating three comments, closing the project, opening it, doing nothing but changing a colour on one of them, closing it and reopening it—colour remains. More telling is that whenever I change a colour, the red dot in the corner of the project window “dirties” and then disappears two seconds later when auto-save kicks in.

Try changing a colour on your project that reproduces this, and see if the little black dot shows up in the red close button.

Thanks Ioa – I right click on the comment, choose a color, black dot in red close window control does show up for 2 secs, then goes away. I close the document and reopen, and the old color is there.

But, wait, I think I found it…

My document is set up as two panels, left and right. Binder affects right panel. Left panel is in Scrivenings mode and shows a folder with many folders + documents + sub documents, right is in “no group” mode (not sure what you call this) and generally just shows one document. If I activate left panel, edit color of a comment, close and open, color is not saved. If I activate document with a comment in right panel (by clicking on document in Binder), edit color of comment, then the color is saved.

So, this appears to only be a bug when you are looking at comments of many documents in Scrivenings mode. Let me know if you can’t replicate now.

Ah ha! That was indeed the missing ingredient. So Keith, to replicate this you need comments scattered in more than one file, and the comment you are changing should be external to the file that has focus in the Scrivenings session. Don’t click in the comment, just right-click to change the colour and then quit. It should revert then. This is why text editing in the comment was getting around the problem, because that focusses the comment and switches the view to the file it is located within. Right-clicking does not, so even though the project dirties, the component link file does not get saved.

And, similarly, when you right click on lots of comments and change their color en masse.