BUG? Compile, details, Section layouts, duplicate section types

As stated in the topic line.
partial screenshots:

How does that happen?
Anyone else seeing this?

So it’s not repeating all the section layouts, just some of them. Have you made any changes to the Compile format or created extra section layouts? Presumably you don’t see this with the default formats?

As far as I know, no changes in those. Could have made a keyboard mistake, I suppose, but I don’t think so. I tried deleting one, and it recurred. Deleted again, just now, and it seems to not be recurring. So who knows. Just a little strangeness. Leads me to suspect something strange.

Found the bug.
Here are three screenshots.
Before I click the Title box.

After I click the Title box.

After I click a 2nd title box.

So something is definitely wrong.

Further: with those boxes checked like that, I no longer see Titles or Chapter numbers in my compiled output.

I also checked the Compile format files in Appdata, and I noticed that the layouts that Scrivener relabels on checking the Title box or UNchecking the Title box (both happen), are labeled in the XML of the SCRFORMAT Compile format files as:

 <Layout Name="Chapter Number" ID="CHAPTER-NUMBER">

So I have several layouts labeled this way. Same name, same ID. It’s not a display issue only; Scrivener actually changes the name and ID of the layout on checking or unchecking the Title box if you save the results.

OK, thank you for all the extra info. We will look into it.

Discovered something else. If you specifically select the line item before you click the Title checkbox for the line, it doesn’t duplicate.