[BUG] Compile selection compiles more than the selection AND duplicates much of the selection

Here is what I selected for compiling, first document Preface and last document “Mother of all Good”. The selection is properly reflected in the list of documents for compiling on the right of the compile window. Here is the top of the list…

– Just in case it needs to be said, these screen shots are of an actual project and copyright applies to them :slight_smile:

… and the end of the list…

Notice that “Mother of all Good” was the last document selected. The next document after it is “Greatest escape”.

Now look at the outline in the .docx file that Scrivener compiled. It includes “Greatest escape”, which I didn’t select for compiling, AND it duplicates the documents (and subdocuments) from “A dim eye in the kingdom of the blind” through “Keeping It Secret, Stupid”.

I’ll have to continue in a reply to this post. Apparently I can’t attach more than 3 screen shots at a time…


As you can see from the next screen shot, the page break between the last lines of “Keeping It Secret, Stupid” and the heading for “Greatest escape” occurs after page 263.

And here is the end of the .docx document, showing the same last lines of of “Keeping It Secret, Stupid”, except this time in the duplicated section which brings the grand total document page count to 496 instead of the 263 it should have been.