Bug? Compiling with tables outputs multiplied columns and rows (Scrivener v. 3.2 (14343))

Just thought I’d report something that I stumbled on. Last night, after upgrading to 3.2, I was compiling a project that I’ve compiled many times in the past. The project compiles to MS Word and includes a table. The table has one row and one column. When it compiles to MS Word under v. 3.2, the table multiplies. There are now about five rows and about seven columns. Weirdly, the left column row repeats all the text in each identical row. The columns to the right only repeat the text in one of the rows. I have attached the best screenshots I could provide. Let me know if I can provide any further information.

Other than this hiccup, the new version looks wonderful on Big Sur and I haven’t experienced any other troubles.

Would it be possible to send us a copy of the project (zip it up and send it to mac.support@literatureandlatte.com)?

3.2 users a new .docx exporter by default - one I built myself rather than the Java-based third-party option we were using before - and it looks as though this may be a bug in the next exporter. (If it’s urgent to get this working, you can install Java, restart Scrivener, and tick the option to use Java for .docx in the Sharing > Conversion preferences to return to using the old Java exporters).

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I completely missed the fact that the java icon did not pop up on the compile. I’m glad you built your own.

Thank you for the tip. I was able to fix the issue by just deleting the extra columns/rows. But I’ll note this in case I have to run it more.

And thanks for the swift reply.

Great, thanks - I’ll keep an eye out in the support queue for the arrival of the file.

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Just downloaded 3.2.1 and tested. It’s working great, Keith. Thanks for fixing this so quickly.

Great, thanks for testing, and thanks for sending the file so that I could fix it.