Bug concering outliner columns

I recently experienced a weird bug in outliner view. I used the “three dots icon” to the right in the column header to insert the column “type”. That didn’t work, I got a multiple of the column “title” instead. I’ve repeated the manoeuvre and now have five columns with titles! Weird.

After re-launching I managed to get rid of some of the title-coulmns. I tried adding “synopsis” instead, but got multiples of the column “type” instead. I’ve included a screenshot.

EDIT: Ah! I just realized this one is already taken care of. Sorry.

Yeah, columns are pretty messed up in B3. I ended up with five or so Synopsis columns before I gave up. Good to know a restart can help salvage the situation.

Would it be at all possible to get a 1ba version or something with this fix?

The problem only seems to occur with the first three entries in the ‘Outliner Column’ selection menu, i.e type, title, and synopsis.

If it helps, I find that clicking on ‘type’ makes the ‘title’ column appear, and clicking on ‘synopsis’ makes the type column appear. I don’t know how to get the synopsis column to appear, as clicking on ‘title’ does nothing for me!

As discussed in ealier posts, clicking again on the same option adds a duplicate column, rather than removing the original. But yes, closing and reopening Scrivener gets rid of all the duplicates.

Hope this helps.
Regards, Leigh

Hi, yes, this has already been fixed for beta 4, which will be out soon.