Bug: Copyholder doesn't remember Zoom level or position between sessions

Using Windows Scrivener v3.0, a Copyholder doesn’t remember Zoom level or position between sessions.

To replicate:

Open a fresh copy of the Tutorial project.

In the Binder, select document Splitting the Editor.

In the Binder, alt-drag & drop document Editor View Modes to the Header Bar.

Copyholder on right side should be created, at zoom level 100%.

Right-click on Copyholder Header Bar and change position to Bottom. Change Copyholder zoom to 175% (View > Zoom > 175%).

Close and Reopen the Tutorial project.

The Copyholder is back on the right side and zoom level is back to 100%. It has forgotten its prior location and zoom level. This is the bug.

Please let me know if any additional info would be helpful.

ETA: This bug is inconsistent and may be project-dependent. I have another project where the Copyholder between sessions forgets its zoom level but remembers its position. Hence why creating a fresh copy of the Tutorial may be important to replicating the bug.