Bug: Crash on startup (nearly) 100% of the time

So I’ve been noticing this but I’m so amicable that I keep forgetting that this is actually something that shouldn’t happen and not just a minor annoyance.

When I open Scrivener, my current project (a large book I’m working on–I like to live dangerously), the screen grays out and Windows reports that it is not responding. I am able to right click in the taskbar and force-close, and which point I get the correct error message from Windows of “Do you want to wait or close.” I choose close. Then I restart Scrivener and everything is fine.

I admit I haven’t been counting, but this is happening almost 100% of the time I start. Just wanted to report it, because I realize that it is in fact, exactly the kind of thing that is relevant to a beta test!

Have you tried with your antivirus turned off?

Not yet. I only run Windows Defender, though.

One update: this morning I launched Scrivener first before launching anything else on a fresh boot of Windows and it launched fine. Will continue to monitor to see if I can isolate the cause.

I’m now able to crash it 100% of the time by duplicating a document. I’ve turned off my virus protection and also disabled Dropbox (since it seemed to be happening when Dropbox tried to save the binder). I am not at the moment running a new reboot of Windows; I will try that next (in a few hours).

Would welcome suggestions of things to test to help isolate this crash sequence!