Bug: CTRL+Z and Smart Quotes

I tried searching for this, but I didn’t find mention of this issue. If it has already been mentioned, I apologize. I believe I have found a bug with CTRL+Z and Smart Quotes. I have duplicatied this on two seperate machines. This is using beta 29.

Desciption of problem: When using the CTRL+Z keyboard shortcut to undo changes, the keyboard shortcut stops working when it hits a Smart Quote.

How to duplicate: Turn on Smart Quotes. Begin typing random text into Scrivener, including words and phrases in quotes. (Of course, you must actually type, not cut and paste.) Once you have a few paragraphs typed, begin pressing CTRL+Z to undo the typing. You should find that the undo process will stop when it hits the most recently typed quote. If, at this point, you click Edit>Undo, nothing will happen. Clicking Edit+Undo again, will work as usual. At this point, CTRL+Z will begin working again, until you hit the next Smart Quote.

Workarounds: If Smart Quotes are off, this behavior does not occur.

This looks like it’s been fixed for the next beta (out in a few days), so can you give it another test once that’s released and let me know if you’re still seeing the problem? Thanks!

Just tested this in the new beta. The issue IS indeed fixed. :smiley:

Great, thanks for confirming!