[BUG] Dead Keys

I’m using Scrivener to write a novel in Spanish. When I try use dead keys for accents (á, é) they don’t work at first. Instead, they display (´a, ´e).

If I then write in another document on the project, the dead keys work as expected, and upon returning to the first document they also work there.

Thanks again for allowing us to test this amazing piece of software and for supporting Linux.

I’m having a similar problem. I’m running Bodhi Linux. Scrivener seems to work amazingly so far, except for when I’m working with non-English text.

I use the U.S. International Keyboard (with dead keys) and I also use a Japanese IME, since my dissertation involves a lot of German and Japanese text. If I try to enter an umlaut, though, I get "a instead of ä. If I try to type in Japanese, I just get the romaji (desu instead of です). The dead keys and IME work fine in other applications concurrently open (like this window), but I cannot get them to work at all in Scrivener. I can type the text in another application and copy and paste it into Scrivener, but I would much rather be able to type it directly.

Like eimago79 said, thanks for having this beta for Linux. This is by far the best software for writing a book, especially when one has a lot of research to organize.

Sort of fixed both problems.

For the Japanese IBUS input, I was able to get it working after installing ibus-qt4. Not sure why this wasn’t installed when I installed ibus (though Japanese input worked in all of my programs except Scrivener before, so maybe the system decided it just didn’t need it), but after installing it the IME worked perfectly in Scrivener.

For the umlauts, etc., I switched to the standard us-int keyboard available on Bodhi Linux. The dead keys still don’t work in Scrivener (though they work everywhere else), but I can at least type special characters in Scrivener this way by pressing option-q (I’m using an old mac keyboard - I think that’s alt on pc keyboards) for ä, option-y for ü, option-p for ö, and option-s for ß.