Bug / Enhancement: Escape won't cancel a Select All

First - love Scrivener and your beta version has been great overall. I’ve written my entire manuscript using it. Yeah, I know - you say not to use the beta for things you really care about but I love this version so much. :smiley:

Anyways, my project is rather large now and I sometimes want to open a scene and do a select all so I can copy just that scene elsewhere. Occasionally, I forget to change the focus from the binder list when I enter the Ctrl+A to select all. Scrivener appears to hang as it tries to select all of my folders and documents. If I wait it out, it eventually recovers but it would be nice to include some code to check for the escape key in order to break out of this. It wouldn’t be too big an issue except for the very long escape times and my heart almost stops every time Scrivner goes gray and windows displays “Scrivener Not Responding”

Runaway multi-selects. Yeah, this is a known performance problem, but the developers have a good plan for how to tackle it.

(Amber, the other wish list item I kidded you about was this one, implemented in, waited for it, Beta 23. You’ll correctly surmise that some of us click “refresh” a lot. 8) )

Cheers – Jerome