[Bug]Find/Replace 2x space fails on ios

Find or Find/Replace two spaces fails with
No occurrences of " " found.

Find/Replace for two spaces is working for me:
iOS [edit - iOS should be iPadOS] 14.6, Scrivener 1.2.1 (2096), iPad Air 2

(Might have no relevance but Courier and Palatino fonts, 1.2 and 1.4 line spacing respectively.)

This worked for me as well, using the same versions as listed above. I will say though that the first time I tried it didn’t work. I tapped into one of the files in the tutorial, added an additional space between two words, and tried to find two spaces. After that didn’t work, I backed out of the editor, added a few more spaces, and it worked fine. So maybe there is some temporary issue—I tried a restart of the program to see if I could reproduce the failure, but as yet I’ve found no way to do so.