Bug fix policy

I registered my copy of Scrivener like two months ago and the version/build I downloaded then and which is available as download currently is the same (Windows, Version: - 06 Oct 2015). So it seems that it is more than five months old. Will 1.9 receive any bug fixes at all or will the fixes all be incorporated into the next update, which then is probably a major version and therefore liable to update fees?

Not to confuse feature and parity issues with the Mac version, Windows version bug fixes have normally been addressed with the next point release. And no, there should be no upgrade fee for a point release, based on past policy. L&L’s licensing and fee policies have been very generous.

The schedule seems to lag a bit because L&L is a very small shop, with limited staff and resources. They’ve said several times they’re working flat out on a firm list of priorities. Serious bugs have been promptly responded to and fixed, however.

Thank you, Graybyrd. Then I take it as a good sign and simply assume that no serious bugs have been found in the past five months. :wink: