BUG! -- Font Attrs Linked Between Quick Ref & Main Editor

Version: (1274647) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021


I just noticed this by happenstance. I’ve been working in the quick ref window on a different monitor and something kept catching my eye on the other monitor, where I have the main editor open and editing an entirely different document !!!

So, in the quick ref document, when I click on a line with one set of font attrs, it updates as it should. Same thing when I click on a line with different attrs-- they also update accordingly.

BUT – it turns out, that the font attrs (at least as reported in the attr bar) were ALSO changing in the MAIN EDITOR window, which they shouldn’t be doing-- and keep in mind the main editor was editing a different document.

FWIW – It doesn’t seem to happen in the other direction.

FORTUNATELY – From what I can see, it appears to be a cosmetic issue and doesn’t actually affect the main editor for editing. When I click on the main editor (either title bar, or in the edit area) it seems to re-read the current font attrs and update accordingly. The quick ref window is unaffected (doesn’t change).

Here’s some screenshots…

(For the purpose of the screenshots, I have the quick ref window overlayed on top of the main editor so you can easily see both of their font attr sections… WATCH CAREFULLY… all I’m doing is clicking between ONE line in the quick ref document and ANOTHER line in the quick ref document. I am NOT TOUCHING the main editor at all…)

This is what happens when I click on the first line…

Screenshot A:

Now here’s what happens when I click on the next line…

Screenshot B:

I’m thinking it’s not supposed to act like this… :slight_smile:


Woah, you’re right, that’s a weird behaviour. Smells like an innocuos bug.

Also, selecting the piece of text in the Quick Ref window and changing the style using the combobox from the main editor, actually changes the style in both windows, but only if they are pointing to the same file.

Well, IMO, that would be expected behavior if it was the same file.