Bug? Font selection: corkboard, document notes, etc.

When I change the font of my corkboard text, it’s actually changing the Synopsis text font. When I change the font of my Document notes, it’s not changing anything (or anything I can presently see on the screen). It seems like some of the font-change instructions are mixed up – wires crossed, so to speak.


The text used for synopses on index cards in the corkboard and in the inspector is the same, so that sounds right. This is a plain-text area, so any change you make to the font in the preferences will immediately apply to all cards.

The document notes area however is rich-text, which means the changes you make to the default font will only apply to new documents–it could get disastrous if any change here converted all your old notes since you’d lose any special formatting you’d used. Just select the text in the notes area and use the regular formatting controls from the format bar or the Format menu to make changes for older notes. (This is true for project notes as well–these are the areas at the bottom of the inspector when viewing the first tab with the notebook icon, vs. the synopsis on the card at the top.)