Bug: Font selection menu glitches, selects font automatically

I technically posted about this before, but have since realized that I didn’t follow all the rules in posting, so I’m not sure whether it was logged. Anyway, this has been an issue for several betas now, but I’m currently using Beta 22 on Windows 10 Home (Version 1903, OS build 18362.295).

When I click on the font bar to select a new font for the text, a shadowy outline the shape of the dropdown menu (but with no content) appears, then the full dropdown menu flashes for an instant before disappearing, and whatever font would have been in the cursor’s location is automatically selected as if I clicked on it. If text is selected, all that text is instantly changed to the new font and I have to undo it. If I want to select a new font after that, I have to click the font bar again. It always works the second time, but never the first.

This is consistent across multiple projects (including a blank one created specifically to test the bug) and with every mouse I’ve used (including the touchpad). I’m not submitting screenshots because, due to the nature of the bug, there’s not really anything I could show to illuminate the issue – all you would see is the text formatting differences before and after. It’s been plaguing me for months and is absolutely maddening.