Bug from Scrivener to Word

I must’ve clicked some wrong button, because every time I copy text from Scrivener and paste into an empty Word document, the text is “invisible”. I then have to mark the text and manually change to black text in order to see it. Same if I close Word and restart. How to make Word

Why are you Copying and Pasting text to Word while you can Export or Compile to Word?

Check if your text in Scrivener has the “default” text color, the top-left box in the Text Color Pop-up.

Under the menu marked A, if I right-click I get several colors to choose from. If I pick white, then Mark the entire text and change the color, I can cut and paste it into Word. If I now close Scrivener and re-open it, the color under the A menu has changed back to black. If I cut and paste now, I get “invisible” text in Word and manually have to mark all of it and change the color to see the text.

Are you using a Style in Scrivener, and does that Style specify the text color?

No, it’s set to “No style”.

Now I tried converting my entire text to Word. Some of the sub-folders come out as empty pages in Word. Is there some way to re-set the entire font and color settings for Scrivener, get it back to normal?