Bug: i can't change the document target on the folder.

as shown in this video i recorded, it doesn’t seem to work like it should be:


let me explain what is happening in the video: at first, it’s possible to edit the document target directly on the scene file. however, it’s despite it was possible to use “document target” on a folder but it’s not possible to edit it after first created a document target…

Hi allaze-eroler, it looks like you are trying to put a document target onto several documents at once in Scrivenings mode. If you select just the folder itself in single document view you should be able to set the target just as you did in the beginning of the video.

it’s not in scrivening mode though, the problem is that i no longer able to edit the document target like in the previous version (scrivener window version) since the “target” icon is gone. beside, i think it’s been a bug since version 13 or 12,… i can’t remember when it started to acting up. i already reported it from email and twitter but it haven’t been fixed… if you watch again the video, you will notice something is really wrong… by the way, i will try to create another video so it will be more explicite.

it seem that bug haven’t been fixed since the last update (beta 21) … and it’s kinda driving nuts that i can’t change the number of words used in my folders… :neutral_face:

Hi allaze-eroler,

The video you posted shows that when you select the folder at the end you are in Scrivenings mode, which allows you to see several documents at once. You can see this by the dashed lines that separate the documents in the editor. If you instead switch to single document mode you should be able to set the target as you wish.