Bug: <$img:> placeholder not working in Beta 23

I have searched through this forum topic and can’t find anything on this.
I am using Beta 23, 64 bit version, on Windows 10 (Home, if that matters). I have a png with a transparent background imported into Research as a document called Ambitions logo. I am using a custom compile setting (copied and modified from the default Non-fiction Manuscript (Times) compile format and am trying to place the image into the header (Main Body), upper right, using the tag <$img:Ambitions logo;w=200>. I have also tried using the tag without the width indicators, as well as pointing to the location on my hard drive where the image resides, but nothing works. In both *.docx format and *.pdf format, it does NOT show the image when compiling, it just shows the text of the tag.

(And just for complete clarity, in PDF <$PageGroupTitle> and <$PageGroupParentTitle> also do not compile properly (they show as the text of the tags), BUT they DO compile properly to *.docx, which is the format I prefer anyway.)

If this is something that is not designed to work in the headers or footers, then the placeholder documentation needs to indicate that, since most placeholder tags are designed to work in the headers and footers.

I would like to say thank you for getting the weird *** that was compiling to blank lines fixed in this beta. My manual (which is what I’m making) is looking almost nice now. :slight_smile:

This still does not work in Beta 25 (nor did it work in Beta 24).