Bug? Imported files all blank (v .23)

Hi there! I’m trying to consolidate several related projects into a single .scriv project, and all attempts to import (from another scrivener project, from files, etc.) results in the folder and file structure appearing in my new project, but all the files are blank.

I’m not seeing this.

I generated the tutorial for Beta 23, and imported it successfully. I also imported a prior tutorial, as well as one of my other projects. So import works.

Question: do those projects actually have content? Open each one up and see (losing content would be a serious issue, too).

Thanks for the quick reply!
Yes, both projects I tried to import contained content. When I exported one as a group of .rtf files, the content went along with it. But when I tried to import the files, they all came in blank – the titles came in for each file, but there was no content in 'em.

Hi bonbonelan,

Some follow up questions :

Are these projects all created in the beta? Or are they from 1.9 projects. If 1.9 have they been upgraded before importing or are they still opened using the 1.9 program?

And finally, do the documents remain blank if you attempt to drag and drop them from one project to the other, or does this only occur when using the Import function?

Thanks for your help with this.

So you’re exporting using “Files → Export → files… → rtf” ?
And you’re importing using "Files → Import → Files … → and you select the files to be imported?

And you get no content?

I’m doing those exact things, and I get the content along with the titles.

Were these projects ever, at any point, edited with version 1.9.x and converted to 2.9.0.x? (the converter is known to have had bugs, and still may have them)

In the end, though:

The best way to deal with unimportables seems to be to drag and drop them.
Make a new project as your master project (assume that all the ones you were using are faulty in some way).
Make a new folder in its binder for each of the projects to be imported.
Open one of the old projects. Select the entire binder (click the binder, Ctrl+A), drag it over to the new project, and drop it in the appropriate folder. Close the old project. Repeat until done.

This should solve the problem. I’ll bet the devs still want to know what was going on to cause this.