[BUG] Impossible to select all the sections in scrivenings

In the Windows version (up and including in beta 20), it doesn’t seem to be possible to select all the sections in scrivenings view. Only the current section can be selected.

This prevents, for example, from removing all text colors in order to fix the “dark text on dark background” issue in the default dark mode.

I’ve reported this in the thread about the dark text on dark background bug in default dark mode https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/wrong-page-background-in-dark-mode/46239/1 and asked for a confirmation that it had been logged, but I didn’t receive any reply so I thought I’d report it in a separate thread.

In mac OS (3.1.3), it’s perfectly possible to select all the sections when in scrivenings view, as expected.

I think this has been reported, but I’m not sure it’s been given a bug number yet. Or if it’s intended to work this way. I wouldn’t think the latter, but it’s possible.

At any rate, I have the same behavior here.

I hope it’s not the expected behaviour. If it is we should at least have the option to select all the sections displayed in scrivenings view.

It’s very easy to only select a single section, you only have to select that single section in the binder, and you can’t select outside of it.

If, however, you want to select a whole chapter or the whole manuscript to do a more global change, being able to select that part in the binder and to select all the sections in scrivenings view with a single select all / ctrl-A (as is possible on the Mac) is easy, fast and powerful. :slight_smile:

This is still not fixed in beta 21 / RC1. Select all in Scrivenings only selects the current section, which isn’t the expected behaviour. If I only want to select the content of a single section, I’ll select that section in the binder.

In macOS, select all in scrivenings selects all the displayed sections, as expected.

This is still not fixed in beta 22/RC2.

This is still not fixed in beta 23, and still not filed as a bug.

Please could someone form the team confirm if it’s because you believe this is the way the software should behave?

It’s really inconvenient compared to the way the Mac version works: in scrivenings, you select all the sections with CTRL-A and you can, for example, right click and update all the links in that chapter or in the whole document.

If the PC version is limited by design, please let us know.

I’d like to add my vote to this as well. Often, I switch to the mac version to select all sections. Really annoying as I’m beginning to quite like the Windows version.

If I remember correctly, this is part of a known issue with Scrivenings that they are still working to fix.

Unfortunately the Qt text engine does not allow us to stitch multiple documents, and still treat them as individual documents. Have in mind that you can load a document from Scrivenings view into another pane, and once you edit the document in one pane the changes must be reflected into the other. We tried many different approaches, but have not succeeded up to now. I am afraid the official release v3 will still have this limitation, and we plan on giving this task another run at a later stage.
To copy all Scrivenings documents, you can right click and select “Copy All Documents”.

Thanks for the reply Tiho, much appreciated.

So how would you “update document links to use target titles” to the whole document, as this is currently the main reason I would need to select all documents in scrivenings? I have a very long manuscript with links all over it, and going through each individual document to update the links when a title changes is not only time-consuming but error-prone.

I can’t think of another way to achieve that but I might be missing something.

If it has to wait past the initial release of 3.0, that’s fine but it’s a useful feature so I hope you’ll find a way around it.

Good to know it’s on your radar, thanks again :slight_smile:

There is a dedicated command, which is designed to do exactly what you ask for. Try the menu command: Edit > Text Tidying > “Update Document Links to Use Target Titles”. Scrivener is full of pleasant surprises(most of the time)!

Hope this helps, Manni.

Thanks Tiho, that would definitely help, unfortunately that option is not present when I select the whole document in the binder, and if I select a section that contains links (such as the TOC), it’s present but greyed out.

I did this test using the test project I sent you a while ago for the crash during compile bug.

Have you tested it with beta 23?

[EDIT: I just tried and it’s the same in Scrivener Mac, which is why I’ve always used the select all in scrivenings].
[EDIT2: It looks like it only works on the current selection on both Mac and PC, so it seems to have exactly the same limitation as my select all / right click method in the PC version].

Probably we can add the feature for this command to work on Binder selection, and not only on text selection.

Thanks, that would be great.

Any progress on this? The “text tidying” command is still not available on binder folders selection, and this bug has still not been logged.

Thanks for providing an update :slight_smile: