bug in 1.03 with Wacom Graphite tablet

Scrivener 103 works perfectly with my main computer which uses an old Wacom tablet (Digitizer II)

However, it freezes in one of my other computers where I use a Wacom Graphite tablet with its corresponding mouse. I changed to an old standard mouse and Scrivener works correctly.

Hopefully you’ll address this soon. The Wacom mouse is a better design which causes less strain on the hand.


win xp service pack 3

We’re planning to add tablet support down the road, it just isn’t something Lee’s had time to look into yet. So it’s sort of hit or miss whether you’re able to use a tablet setup with Scrivener at this point.

For what it’s worth, I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet connected to my Win 7 laptop and just tried using the pen as the mouse (it doesn’t come with a tablet mouse) with Scrivener (v103) and, although it was only a quick test, it seems to work fine.

Just thought the information might be useful when it comes to working on adding support.

Hi Jennifer,
thanks for the update,