Bug in Bookmark Preview Issue

Noticed this in a prior version and still exists in RC2:

It’s a little hard to explain. Let’s say you are working on a file, and you want access to a previous file folder. You can drag the previous file folder into the Bookmarks section of the Inspector pane, and it will create a bookmark. Great! Even better, if you single click on the bookmark the previous file will show up in a colored box directly underneath the bookmark, in the inspector pane, right adjacent to the current edit pane.

Fantastic! Works as expected, until and unless you create another bookmark on the same previous folder, in another folder. For instance, you’ve got two folders in a row that need access to one previous folder, so you place a bookmark in both new folders.

Now, the behavior changes. With the same file or folder inserted into multiple folders as a bookmark, the contents of the bookmark no longer display in the space directly beneath the bookmark. In fact, if you single click on the bookmark, you get the message, “No bookmarks selected.”

However, you can double click the bookmark and it will open in a separate window. So it’s not a deal breaker, but having the bookmark show below the bookmark links is a very convenient way to refer back to a previous chapter in one’s book. The fact that everything works as expected with a single bookmark, but not with multiple bookmarks, indicates a behavior bug.

Hope that made sense . . .