Bug in 3.1.1 for MacOS - top margins change randomly when compiling to PDF

I posted this in the tech support forum and I’m reposting here. Additional information and screen shots are in the tech support forum.


I just updated to V3.1.1. on my Macbook Pro, and recompiled my manuscript to PDF. Surprise! The page count went up. It appears that the top margin on the pages changes randomly, getting bigger than my setting (0.76") with no discernable pattern. Not good! I have a release coming in three weeks and copyedits to make and the cover is already designed for the previous page count. I either have to go back to the previous version, or get this bug fixed. HELP!

By randomly do you mean various different pages have a slightly different upper margin within the same document? I know you say random, but we would expect to see some kind of pattern if that is the case—pages that start with a particular piece of content, or following pages that end with a particular piece of content, etc.

Ultimately a problem so specific as this will probably need to be looked at directly. Would it be possible to send a copy of the project to tech support? If so let them know the URL for this forum thread so they can flag me to check it out.

Hi, Amber, yes, the top margin increases by 1-4 lines of text from page to page within the same document with no obvious pattern, although it does seem to be consistent from one compile operation to the next. I posted more information in the tech support forum including screen shots. I suppose I could send the project to tech support; how would you recommend I do that, since the project file is 126 MB?

One additional note, I downloaded and installed V3.0.3 and now the MS compiles correctly with no other changes. So there definitely is a difference between V3.0.3 and 3.1.1 and it’s not good.

I vaguely recall that did make a change to fix a bug whereby the top of adjacent pages may not exactly match (I can’t find it in my release notes, though). It’s possible this has had a knock-on effect in different situations. Is it possible to make a duplicate of your project, strip it down by removing all large files and still reproduce the problem, so that you could send us a smaller version? Otherwise, if you have Dropbox, you could send us a public link to the file on Dropbox.

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Keith, I have a link to a copy on Dropbox. I’ll send it to the tech support email. You don’t know what an act of faith this is to trust you with my project file!

Thanks. I’ve replied via email, but this bug is triggered by widow and orphan control. It’s fixed for 3.1.2, but I recommend turning off widow and orphan control in your Compile settings.

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Gah - this was doing my head in. Glad I found this post. Deselecting window and orphans does fix the random empty line issue - tho’ now I need to check for orphans!