Bug in Composition Mode

I use composition mode heavily, and also use timers when I’m writing to help me stay focused. Just recently I started using a menubar timer that uses the notification center, and I discovered what is surely a bug–

When you enter composition mode, “Do Not Disturb” is automagically enabled, so that any timers you set will NOT alert you when your time is up. If, however, you go into the notification center and turn off “Do Not Disturb,” it will never be automagically enabled again until you reboot the computer.

To elaborate this strange phenomenon, which it took me HOURS to figure out: once I have manually turned off Do Not Disturb, I can enter and exit composition mode at will and Do Not Disturb will never be enabled. But, if I reboot my computer, every single time I enter composition mode, Do Not Disturb is enabled, and then disabled when I exit composition mode.

It almost looks like a feature, except, of course, it’s not: if I actually WANTED Do Not Disturb enabled automatically in composition mode, I would have to make sure I never ever turned it off, or the feature would go away. And, it seems to me, if it were a feature, it should have a friendly tick box, so people like me could say, “disable do no disturb.”

I searched and searched and see no evidence in the literature and in the forums about this behavior. Perhaps I have overlooked something? But if this is a bug, I would be so grateful if it could be fixed.

Tiny update: I have discovered that the DND bug (feature :wink: ) seems to get “reset” on both reboot, and on resume from sleep.

Okay, one more update-- I have a pretty easy workaround, which is to make sure I enter composition mode before I start my timer-- then I can turn OFF DND and set the timer at the same time. But I admit to being curious: is this a feature, or a bug? I don’t believe I have ever posted without hearing back from somebody, which makes me wonder if everybody at L&L is too polite to tell me I should have read the manual. :wink:

This is a feature of the Mac, and it does make sense (in a broad way) for Composition mode to trigger that, based on the underlying technology in use. We use the Mac’s presentation mode for this view, which is similar to what would have been used in the past to watch movies, run Keynote slideshows and so forth. So with that context in mind, yeah, it makes sense to disable alarms and iMessage alerts while running a presentation or watching a film. And, from certain points of view, you might even say it makes all kinds of sense for a writing mode that is designed to block out all distractions. :slight_smile:

But that’s just post hoc reasoning—the underlying fact is that we use a Mac mode to pull of this feature, and the Mac disables components of itself while in that mode. There isn’t much we can do about that—we did look into it a while back, and there is no way to override this behaviour from the software side.

We do have some ideas for ducking around this in the future, though.

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain. The more time I spent with this feature the less it looked like a bug-- or, put another way, it seemed to be a strangely helpful bug, like somebody offering me a foot-stool every time I sit down, even if I don’t want one. I wish Apple gave us a way to turn the behavior off, but I have found a way to work with it, and now can move on, less baffled than before. :slight_smile: