Bug in corkboard view

Newer to scrivener, so I’m not super familiar with everything. But I’m working on a new project and the way I like to outline is I start in corkboard mode and sort of fill in blurbs for each of my scenes before I go and write them. Well today, I opened my project and my corkboard view was just full of empty tiles. Naturally I panicked, thinking all my hard work over the past few weeks was gone. After going through backups and troubleshooting and not getting any results, I started clicking on each individual scene. The icons on the left under my manuscript went from blank pages with the words ‘untitled document’ to little notecard symbols and my blurbs showed back up!

So the bug seems to be, when I first load my document it appears that everything I had done in corkboard view is missing, but once I click on each individual scene they show back up. It’s now happening every time I load the file.

edit: Deleting the text from corkboard and pasting it back in permanently fixes this issue and no longer causes it to temporarily disappear. I’ll leave this post up for anyone else like me who panicked that their work was missing.

Do you by any chance store your project in a location that would be moderated by a cloud service? What you describe kind of sounds like what might happen with some services that remove files from your computer that you aren’t currently working on. The idea is that if you try to load them, they would download again, but it could be in programs like Scrivener, that demand a bunch of files at once (the contents of your index cards) it may take a while to download them again, and at that point Scrivener is already convinced there are no files.

By far the safest thing to do is switch such features off in your cloud settings, or if that’s not feasible, use the cloud for your backups and keep your working projects outside of that area.