Bug in document statistics?

I apologize in advance if this has already been covered somewhere else – I’ve been mostly a lurker until today, when I actually started using Scrivener for Nanowrimo purposes.

But I just noticed that the Document Statistics function gives me different results based on whether or not I’m selecting it in full-screen mode.

For instance, if I’m in my Day 1 text doc and select Document Stats, I’m told it has 2,003 words, 2,159 publisher’s words, and 7 pages (both printed and paperback).

But if I go to full screen and select Document Stats again, it tells me I have 2,323 publisher’s words and 10 pages (printed). (The actual word count and the pages (paperback) remain the same.)

My guess would be this might have something to do with the text scaling in full screen. The above full screen numbers came when I had scaling at 125%. When I changed it to 100% and tried again, weirdly, pages (printed) dropped back down to 7, but the publisher’s words stayed at 2,323.

Hope this helps in some way!


This is not a bug. It is just because your text is scaled. Obviously, if the text is scaled, it would take more pages to print. Document statistics are based on the current settings of the text view. Publisher’s word count is based on the average number of words per line of your text view. So if you have a scaled text view, naturally this will differ. Both of these are based on your current settings basically. Hmm, maybe I should just get rid of them, come to think of it.

Well, that explains it, but I don’t think it makes sense. (To me, at least.) I think of text scaling as being an on-screen viewing issue – not something that actually affects the underlying text. When I’m writing, I blow the text up hella big in full screen so I don’t have to squint – not because I want it to print out big.

By way of comparison, if I’m in Word and I increase my zoom scale to 150%, it just means the text appears bigger on the screen – not that it actually appears bigger on a printed page. If I wanted the type to be bigger when printed, I’d go change the type size in preferences. Does that make sense?

Perhaps the publisher’s word count (and printing) could ignore scaling?

Yeah, like I say, I might just do away with it altogether. These statistics are based on the text view itself, so they can’t ignore scaling. Really, it’s hardly a big issue, but if it’s bugging people, I’ll just do away with it.

Okay, I have removed the publisher’s word count, the page count and the paperback page count from the document statistics for beta 4. You are right - these are dodgy and they are meaningless anyway. These statistics are attached to the text view which is not used for the actual printing, so they are meaningless. The paperback page count was meaningless because paperbacks vary. I think Scrivener is better off without these, definitely.