Bug in EWSMac.framework

Hey, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but there’s a bug in the version of EWSMac.framework from esellerate that you use to control your serial number registration. The bug is that at every restart, a copy of the framework is placed in the trash.

I know installing frameworks with software is part of developing software, but this is highly irritating, and the fact that the framework says nothing in it about what software it was installed by led me to initially think that it was something malicious.

A bit of googling led me to see that it isn’t malicious, but tracking down scrivener as the software that placed it on my system in the first place was much more of a challenge.

Either way, in the many discussion forums I read on the topc, the average user who found this in their trash start FREAKING out that whatever application (you aren’t the only one to use this framework obviously) was installing the framework MUST be malicious. I understand this not to be the case, but if you want to not alienate many less technically literate users, I would suggest putting some pressure on esellerate to fix this bug, or to stop using it for a while.

Hope this constructive criticism helps.

I can’t recrete this, though. I have never found that framework in my trash - I restarted only half an hour ago after installing some updates, and there is nothing in my trash…

Strange, perhaps there’s a difference in the version of the framework you’re running in your version of scrivener and in the distributed version of it. Perhaps the framework is interacting with some other software on my system in a strange way, either way, I’m definitely having the issue. Here are some links to forums about it:

http://www.macintouch.com/readerreports/helpplease/topic3969.html - search for “EWS” on this site.

It could well be that this doesn’t happen to everyone. Either way, I don’t think there’s anything you can do other than pressure esellerate to fix the issue.[/url]

This has been an ongoing issue with eSellerate. However, they are aware of it and have tried in the past updates to fix the problem. Actually, I used to have this problem, which is why I’m familiar with it, but haven’t seen it since they released an update last August. I certainly haven’t seen it since installing Scrivener. But then again, I already had the updated framework on my computer from other applications before I installed the version of Scrivener that had the eSellerate code. Either way, somehow, I think the original poster might have an old version of the framework installed.

Btw, kudos on Scrivener. Great idea; great execution.

That could well be the case. Scrivener uses the most recent version of the framework - I would have thought that it would install the newer version over any older versions you have installed, but don’t know for sure. I will direct eSellerate towards this thread to see what they have to say, at any rates.

Oh, and snidersh - thanks for the kind words about Scrivener. :slight_smile:

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Odd that they wouldn’t program their framework to update itself when a newer one comes along, but that is definitely what it sounds like. I’ve never had this problem with Scrivener, or any other application I own that uses eSellerrate.

You might want to contact them directly, gresmi. They might have instructions on how to clean out the older version.


Okay, I’ve got a reply from eSellerate (they are very good at replying to things like this very quickly), and it would appear that the bug is not in Scrivener but in another program on your system using an older version of the eSellerate engine:

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What happens if I erased this ewsmac.framework from the trash? I already did, I am kind of worried, I saw however that the file exists in the hard drive

There should be no problem with that - like I said (based on eSellerate’s reply), this should not be a Scrivener issue and therefore should not affect it. If it does, let me know so that I can inform eSellerate ASAP.

No everything seems to be working well in the computer. And what would happen if I erased this framework from my library as some people in other forums suggest?

And sorry to ask many questions, but I’m a new Mac user. When I put the files GET INFO in files such as this “ewsmac.framework” appears as modified and the date. I didnt modify anything, all I did was open the file (framework) yet I didnt do any change or deletion… nothing.

I am worry thinking that I changed something, but apparently this file remains in my system and doesn`t cause any trouble. Thank u 4 ur time responding

Scrivener relies on the eSellerate framework to check whether you have a valid serial number; without it, you would not be able to run Scrivener. But if you were to delete it, the next time you ran Scrivener, Scrivener would automatically reinstall it anyway (as would any app relying on this framework that follows eSellerate’s framework installation instructions).

Ultimately, I wouldn’t worry about it. If it turns up in you trash (which could be caused by another application using an older version of the framework), empty your trash by all means. But leave the framework in your library. It’s not very big and does nothing except check serial numbers and activations when applications that rely on it are launched.