Bug in full screen mode

Don’t know if it i just me but like to report a bug (?) - Scrivener 2.3.1, 20025 - on OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.

When Scrivener is in Mac built-in full screen mode (not scrivener’s own full screen mode), moving the cursor to the left edge of the screen triggers the ‘Binder’ panel and ‘Inspector’ panel on the right edge. The layout of the elements in the panels is messed up - very small and incomplete buttons…etc.

See attached screenshot.

Fix or wait for an update?

Could you please provide more information? This has been extensively tested on Mountain Lion and I’ve been using this for a good while now on my 10.8 machines and have never seen a problem. I can’t reproduce it at all. My guess is that some other error is getting thrown in the background that is causing this. Could you please do the following:

  1. See if you can find any particular steps you need to reproduce this every time.

  2. Enter full screen so that you get this bug and then immediately navigate, in the Finder, to ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Logs (you can access the ~/Library folder by opening the “Go” menu in the Finder and selecting “Library”). Please attach the Console.log file to your reply, or open it in a plain text editor and copy and paste in the contents.

Thanks and all the best,

As an additional data point, I too cannot reproduce this. (Scriv 2.3.1, ML 10.8.0, iMac 27").

[Nice trick with the cursor to edge, though… didn’t know about that.]

I rebooted my machine and the problem was gone. Sorry false alarm - and thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s a false alarm - I think there is a bug there somewhere, but most likely closing and restarting Scrivener (via the reboot) reset things for now. Could you please let me know if it happens again, and if it does, try to remember what you did leading up to it and see if you can get it to happen again. There is most likely a very specific trigger.

Thanks for taking the time to report this!

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